From our Yelp reviewers…

“The people there are all super friendly, and attentive.”

“First class service, tasty salmon with delicious jasmine rice – perfect portions–make sure you save room for the exotic lip-smackingly good homemade ice cream.”

“Two words: Partly Cloudy. This gingery cocktail is the perfect antidote to a long day at The Office. This is our go-to place after work, and it never fails to set me right.”

“This is a place whose decor I would describe as “dirty sexy.” No, not actually dirty… but that kind of rustic appeal that some rockers have… this place has.”

“I’d probably beat up a grandmother if she stood in the way of the Station Burger.”

“This is totally my kinda jam: solid cocktails, friendly service, low lighting, non-intrusive music, and an overall casual ambience.”

“Props to the bartender because the cocktails are AMAZING.”

“I was hoping for ‘cool urban’ and I got ‘cool urban.’”

“Kingston Station has a good vibe, it’s reasonably priced, [has] interesting drinks and everything is quite tasty!”