The Gallery

Monica Shulman recently left a career as an attorney to explore her passion for photography. She is a self-taught photographer who studied oil painting and charcoal drawing at a young age while practicing the development of photographs in her parents’ basement with her father, an amateur photographer.

In 1995 Monica moved to Boston, Massachusetts where she studied political science and French at Boston U niversity. She lived briefly in Paris until returning to New York where she graduated from law school in 2004 and began practicing law. In an effort to find a creative outlet while working as an attorney, Monica reconnected with her passion for photography.

Monica is a first generation American of Cuban, Argentinean and Italian descent. Her diverse background has greatly influenced her photographs and her love of travel, foreign languages, art and architecture. She is constantly searching for new styles and original approaches to photography, and in particular, travel and street photography. She always carries her camera with her and she is continually encouraged and inspired by her hometown, New York City, where she lives with her husband.

To view more of Monica’s work, please visit or phone 917-496-8011 .

Liz studied photography at the Center for Digital Imaging Arts at Boston University, and then spent three months working with famed National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry in NYC. Liz is currently a staff photographer at the Salem Evening News. She is based out of Boston, and is available to travel for assignments.

To view more of Liz’s work, please visit To contact Liz, please call 978-239-9638 or email